When I first decided to write a blog in 2016 I had been in hospital for 42 days. I was also 23 weeks pregnant, very poorly and climbing the walls. So, I put my hand to writing, to pass the time and hope that by sharing my story that other crohns and colitis sufferers or non sufferers could get an understanding of the general woes (or comfort if diagnosed) with my experience of having inflammatory bowel disease.

I successfully had my baby girl, Isla, after a long hard struggle. I hope you enjoy my little reads, if anything, I hope it’s insightful! I am a thirty something year old mum with a full time career. I’m lovingly social with a passion for food, music and travel. Don’t let the ‘mama’ bit put you off , I’m just a normal person trying to survive Crohn’s disease and have a fulfilling life at the same time !

I guess the only upside to sometimes being unwell is that I tend to have a better knack for writing when I’m drug induced 🙂 (or maybe that’s all in my steroidal head !) … some would say I have ‘flare’ when I ‘flare’! 
Hello , I’m Sally Ann , nice to meet you 🙂